Christopher L. Romero

A fourth generation native Coloradan, Christopher, was born and raised in North Denver, and attended Denver Public schools.

With little or no formal training in art, he is mostly self taught. Christopher, has followed his passion for truth and beauty in art, largely by trial and error and committing himself to his sculpture by sheer love, and respect for the subject matter he sculpts.

Christopher's first sculpture, a small Black Bear, was his first, done at age six. Made of clay and covered in black shoe polish.

" My mom, gave it back to me years later,after I had begun sculpting in bronze, and I thought wow, I guess I was supposed to be a sculptor"

He has always been an artist, of some sort or another.

He has had the opportunity to have been a musician, photographer, goldsmith and sculptor, over the years, and has now, settled  into just one genre, that of Bronze Sculpture, for the past twenty years.

"My wish is that I can do justice to the pieces I sculpt, and that somewhere, someone will appreciate, and enjoy them individually, on their own merit"  " When I sculpt, I feel spiritually connected, and it truly is, my best therapy"

A Fourth Generation Native Coloradan